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Wamore has learned of possible JPADS counterfeit systems being sold and marketed globally.  See the attached link to a recently published article regarding a contact cancellation on counterfeit grounds at:


An English translation of this article is provided:  Translation

Any customer of any JPADS systems who has any doubts about the integrity of their equipment can contact Wamore for hardware and software verification.  Wamore is currently the only approved manufacturer by the US Department of Defense for JPADS 2K, JPADS 2KM, JPADS 4K, & JPADS 10K Autonomous Guidance Units.  The performance, quality, and reliability of JPADS is valid only when an approved source of supply manufactures, tests, and certifies the equipment meets all JPADS qualification requirements.  Wamore stands ready to fully and independently support any customer with any JPADS system regardless of where the equipment was purchased. 

For Reference:
The NSN for the tested, qualified, fielded version of JPADS 2K is 1670-01-569-5340
The NSN for the tested, qualified, fielded version of JPADS 2KM is 1670-01-619-7620

If you happen to be at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., be sure to check out the JPADS 2K precision guided cargo delivery system on display in the Time and Navigation section.  Wamore manufacturers the Airborne Guidance Unit (AGU) the steers and controls the parachute and cargo to a preprogrammed GPS position on the ground.  The AGU is the green structure to which the packed parachute attaches as seen in the link below:


Wamore's Wireless Gate Release System is now operational with the United States Air Force!  WGRS is supporting US forces with aerial resupply off C-130 aircraft on the battlefield.  Reports from the ground are that WGRS's very first mission resulted in direct landing on the desired point of impact (PI). 
Wamore was featured again by Dassault Systemes Solidworks for using the entire suite of Solidworks products as our standard design tools.  Seeing how Wamore is in Aerial Delivery where Hitting the Target is usually the object, Solidworks nicely tied our aerial delivery objectives to our design objectives with the title to the presentation!  Nicely done Solidworks.
Wamore was featured by Dassault Systemes Solidworks for our expertise using Solidworks Composer.  See our case study:


JPADS 2K is featured on the USMC website!  Wamore has produced every Autonomous Guidance Unit (AGU) for JPADS 2K fielded to date.  Glad to hear another customer is satisfied with JPADS 2K system performance.

Wamore Moved! | 7/1/2012
Wamore moved into a much larger faciilty to accomodate immediate growth needs. 
ACPRS Completes OT | 4/2/2012
Wamore's TALON Parachute Release, the system selected by the US Army's Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System (ACPRS) Program of Record, successfully complete Operational Testing (OT) at Fort Bragg.  Wamore's Talon PR breezed through OT with no System Malfunctions, on schedule, and on budget.
WGRS Operational! | 11/17/2011
Wamore's Wireless Gate Release System was used operationally for the first time today in the Active Operational Region.  A DHC-4 Caribou performed 4 sorties delivering sticks of up to 8 LCLA CDS bundles to troops in the combat zone.  WGRS performed flawlessly, permitting the loadmaster to remain safely forward of the bundles while still allowing precise control of deployment for accurate delivery.   

After several months of head to head competition with a major player in the Aerial Delivery arena, Wamore is pleased to announce that we have been chosen by the U.S. Government to continue development of the Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System (ACPRS).  Wamore’s ACPRS offers the user a unique and innovative method for ensuring that parachutes are released from cargo only after safe delivery to the ground and under varying conditions.  Although the ACPRS offers many advanced features it is extremely simple to understand, rig, and operate, offering the user operational flexibility not found in either the Army’s current Parachute Release or in other products available in the marketplace.


ACPRS is the replacement for the U.S. Army’s  M-1 & M-2 Parachute Release which has been in service for more than 40 years.

Wamore at PATCAD 2009 | 10/18/2009
Wamore, Inc will be presenting our entire Airdrop Product Line at PATCAD 2009 in Yuma, AZ.  PATCAD 2009 runs from October 19th through October 23rd at the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds.  Wamore's full famiily of AGUs will be on display and will be live airdropped during the demonstration.  Wamore's Air Guidance Units (AGUs) include:
.5K Microfly
JPADS 2K Firefly
JPADS 10K Dragonfly
42K Gigafly

Wamore's lastest development in Airdrop Technology, the Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS) will also be available for ground demonstration as well as live airdrop.  15 CDS bundles will be individually deployed using the WGRS.  Fully loading a C-130 and individually releasing CDS bundles is not possible without the WGRS.

Wamore designed and manufacutred the Air Guidance Unit (AGU) for the Megafly System.

Para-Flite Successfully Flies World's Largest Parachute

YUMA, Arizona, December 4 /PRNewswire/ --

Para-Flite Inc, a world leader in parachute technology, has successfully completed a test drop with a new self-guided cargo delivery system consisting of the largest ram air parachute ever flown. The system, called the MegaFly, can carry over 26,000 lbs of cargo and is intended to delivery supplies to military units. After being dropped at altitudes as high as 25,000 feet, the MegaFly will be able to fly itself to a designated point on the ground up to 22 kilometers away. The MegaFly will be used to increase the safety and accuracy of missions involving aerial delivery of large payloads.

Featured Product - WGRS

Wireless Gate Release System.
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