Air Bag System

Under contract to the US Army SBCCOM (Natick, MA), Warrick & Associates developed an airbag system to cushion the airdrop landing of vehicles like the HMMWV. The airbag system is interposed between the vehicle and the Type V platform, in place of the paper honeycomb now used. The airbag hardware was designed and built by W&A and tested September 25-28, 2000 at the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG).

The airbag system contains four airbags that are inflated during the rigging process and remain inflated throughout ground handling, flight, extraction and parachute descent. By lifting a fully loaded M997 ambulance during the rigging process, the airbag system demonstrated a feature useful to RRDAS (Rapid Rigging Derigging Airdrop System). Another RRDAS feature is that during landing the airbags automatically deflate, allowing the vehicle to drive off without hindrance.

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Successful drop test
on angled berm

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