The G-Tester is a computer-controlled machine which tests Inertia Reels and Airbag Sensors as required in less than one-third of the time of any other tester. Flexibility, ease of use, unbeatable performance, and a reasonable price make the G-Tester the obvious choice for doing shock and acceleration testing.

The G-Tester is one example of the type of work that Warrick & Associates can do. We identified a need, performed analysis, testing, electrical and mechanical prototype manufacturing, testing and manufacturing. As a result, the G-Tester is a high-quality product that exceeds any similar existing technology.

Inertia reels & airbag sensors must be tested according to FAA, NHTSA and mil-spec requirements

Airbag sensors and other products can easily be shock tested by the

The G-Tester can make any acceleration pulse within the following parameters:

  • Accelerations from 0.1 G to 30 G, depending on payload mass
  • Velocities up to
    30 ft/sec
  • Displacements up to 16 inches
  • Acceleration onsets up to 4,000 G/sec

This graph shows the difference between a comparably priced pneumatic acceleration tester and the G-Tester in a typical web-sensing Inertia reel test.

Because of the variations in friction, retraction forces, etc., other testers almost never produce the intended pulses.

Reels that pass these tests can easily fail the real government tests. The G-Tester, however, uses active computer control to produce the right pulses every time.This ensures that products are safe, avoiding the possibility of recalls.

This graph shows just how versatile the G-Tester really is. An accelerometer was first used to measure accelerations during an actual crash. Then, the crash pulse was entered into the G-Tester using its easy graphical interface.

The G-Tester was able to accurately "replay" the crash, causing the payload to undergo all of the real crash conditions! Both the G-Tester's remarkable accuracy and it's unbeatable flexibility have set a new standard for shock and acceleration testing.

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