Restraints & Inertia Reels

Warrick & Associates has developed several inertia reels that conform to military standards.

MA-8 Inertia Reel
Warrick & Associates' contribution to the design of the MA-8 was a timing device to avoid “tip-lock,” a condition that caused failure of the reels of a competitor. This reel was completely successful in the required qualification test program and eventually displaced the competitor’s reel. Additionally, the reel performed flawlessly in over one hundred dynamic crash tests.

MA-16 Inertia Reel

This reel incorporates sensing of vehicle acceleration as well as strap acceleration, and became the successor to the MA-8.

Warrick & Associates developed the vehicle-sensing subsystem within the MA-16 inertia reel and obtained a patent on the device.

The MA-16 passed every test including expanded environmental and life cycle tests.

Military 5-Point Restraint

Warrick & Associates enhanced a commercial rotary buckle produced by Am-Safe Inc, for use in H Koch’s military restraint system, shown in the photo at the right.

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