Wamore, Inc. is a full service engineering, manufacturing, and production solutions provider to the defense industry.  One of our core competencies is Airdrop Technology.  Selected projects and clients include:

  • Airbags to cushion airdropped cargo landing – (1997 – 2000)
  • Soft landing by retracting cargo toward parachute just before landing (Soft Touchdown And Rapid Rigging/Derigging Airdrop System, STARRDAS) – (2000 – 2002)
  • Airborne Guidance Units (AGU) for parafoils delivering cargo weights of 500 lb, 2K lb, 10K lb, 30K and 40K lb – (2003 – ongoing)
  • AGU qualification and production contracts for the Joint Precision Air Delivery System (JPADS) 2K and 10K
  • Wireless Gate Release System (WGRS) to safely and efficiently deploy CDS bundles from military aircraft
  • Development and demonstration of an Advanced Cargo Parachute Release Systems (ACPRS) to jettison parachutes from payload after landing to prevent dragging/tip-over and subsequent damage to payload.

Success on these programs has earned Wamore the reputation as a technology leader in systems engineering, development, manufacturing, and production of military grade systems.  Wamore’s cost effective and reliable products are deployed and operating worldwide in hostile environments.