JPADS Counterfeit Alert!

Wamore has learned of possible JPADS counterfeit systems being sold and marketed globally.  See the attached link to a recently published article regarding a contact cancellation on counterfeit grounds at: Any customer of any JPADS systems who has any doubts about the integrity of...

JPADS 2K Featured on USMC Website

JPADS 2K is featured on the USMC website! Wamore has produced every Autonomous Guidance Unit (AGU) for JPADS 2K fielded to date. Glad to hear another customer is satisfied with JPADS 2K system performance.  

ACPRS Completes OT

Wamore’s TALON Parachute Release, the system selected by the US Army’s Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System (ACPRS) Program of Record, successfully complete Operational Testing (OT) at Fort Bragg. Wamore’s Talon PR breezed through OT with no System Malfunctions, on schedule, and on budget.

WGRS Operational!

Wamore’s Wireless Gate Release System was used operationally for the first time today in the Active Operational Region. A DHC-4 Caribou performed 4 sorties delivering sticks of up to 8 LCLA CDS bundles to troops in the combat zone. WGRS performed flawlessly, permitting the loadmaster...